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BT878 Software Is A Top Rated Video Capture Software Program

When you want to store DVR recordings to your pc, you need the right software, hardware and a little know-how. Most manuals that come with your pc or DVR can help guide you through the process. If you cannot find the information there, you can find it online. Bt878 Software is one of the most popular brands in software that helps you translate and transfer your movies or programs onto your computer.

These are best used with HDTV devices; however, you can also use it on any device that has the ports and hardware needed. Companies like Avermedia provide TV tuners for TV to PC or PC to TV viewing. BT878 software is a video capture software that works with most pc to tv or tv to pc applications along with DVR recorders to allow you to view record and store any movie or program you want.

If you have cable TV, you most likely have Explorer 8300 or 8300hd by Scientific pre-installed on your cable box top set. Avermedia manufactures a TV tuner card that can expand your television viewing experience from just watching or recording a movie or program into allowing you to watch a program while recording another.

You never have to miss another program!  BT878 Software enhances your experience even further allowing you to use you pci based system to view, record and store your favorite television programs. The newest technology out there has really brought forward new, more convenient and easier ways to watch movies and TV programs. 

No matter what kind of television  or computer you have now, you can hook them up together with the right adaptors, connectors and software and enjoy PC to TV viewing or record and store TV to PC.  This means when you download a movie or video from the Internet, you can set up your PC and TV so that you can watch it on the bigger screen.

BTt878 Software is one of the top rated programs that offer the best performance in video capture software available today.  This kind of technology and software really opens up new avenues for the movie lover to watch their favorite movies stored on their PC on the TV screen. 


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